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How to Decorate Your Guest House

Source: filippo giuliani/

Source: filippo giuliani/

When it comes to hospitality, the devil is truly in the details — from choosing the best mattress for your guests to crafting an inviting and comfortable atmosphere. Decorating a guest house may seem like an overwhelming endeavor, but with the right guidance it can be an enjoyable and rewarding process. The way you decorate can make all the difference in creating an experience that your guests will remember fondly. Together, we’ll explore essential tips to help you master the art of guest house decoration.

Understanding Guest Houses: an Overview

When you hear the term “guest house,” several types may come to mind — rural, urban, budget, luxury, boutique, historic/cultural, mountain and eco-friendly. Each has its charm and caters to different guest preferences. Rural guest houses offer the tranquility of countryside living, while urban ones are all about the convenience of city life. If you’re operating a luxury guest house, think opulence. But if it’s a budget one, functional comfort is key. Knowing the type of guest house you run will set the stage for your decor choices.

Guest houses generally feature common areas, bedrooms, bathrooms and often kitchens — spaces that need decorating! Now, how do guest houses differ from Bed & Breakfasts (B&Bs)? Well, size matters. Guest houses usually have more rooms, often five or more, whereas B&Bs keep it cozy with up to three guest rooms. Also, guest houses can offer lunch and dinner in addition to breakfast, making meal options more versatile. Last, guest houses typically have a more formal operational setup, which includes a reception area for check-ins and check-outs — something not always present in B&Bs.

What People Love About Guest Houses

When it comes to accommodations, cleanliness isn’t just next to godliness — it’s essential for a positive guest experience. Travelers value neat and clean rooms as they add to their comfort and peace of mind. The room condition speaks volumes about your attention to detail and sets the tone for the guest’s entire stay. It’s no exaggeration to say that cleanliness can make or break a guest’s perception of your establishment. Therefore, creating a clean, inviting environment should be at the top of your decorating to-do list.

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Common areas such as lounges and dining rooms do more than just provide additional seating — they create a social environment where guests can mingle and relax. The decor of these spaces should encourage sociability while also aligning with the overall theme of your guest house. Beyond that, offering additional perks like meals, amenities, or even guided activities adds value to a guest’s stay. These can range from a swimming pool or billiards room to cultural activities like bike tours or local hikes. All these elements contribute to a comprehensive, enriching experience that guests will remember fondly.

Picking a Decor Scheme or Theme

Choosing a cohesive decor scheme or theme for your guest house is a foundational step that can streamline all your subsequent decorating decisions. Picking a theme that resonates with your guest house’s location adds authenticity to the guest experience. Having a consistent theme not only makes each room visually appealing but also simplifies choices around color palettes, furniture and accessories, making the decorating process more efficient.

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Colors and Patterns: Reflecting Your Locale

Choosing a color scheme that aligns with your guest house’s location can significantly enhance the guest experience by creating a sense of place. For instance, vibrant and eclectic colors can capture the lively spirit of cities like Las Vegas or New Orleans, providing an immediate cultural context.

On the other hand, if your guest house is situated on a serene beachfront or in the tranquil countryside, opt for muted blues, sandy beiges or soft greens to evoke a sense of calm and connection with the natural surroundings. By mirroring the locale through your color choices, you offer guests an authentic and immersive stay.

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The Art of Uncluttered Spaces

Guest comfort is paramount, and one of the easiest ways to achieve this is by keeping rooms uncluttered. Overcrowding a room with too many decorations or pieces of furniture can make it feel cramped and stressful. Aim for a balanced, breathable layout — think of it as “strategic minimalism.” Choose only essential furnishings and a few tasteful decorations to make the room feel inviting yet spacious, essentially crafting a home away from home for your guests.

Bedding Matters: Comfort Above All

Never underestimate the power of a good night’s sleep. Investing in high-quality mattresses and bedding is not just a hospitality standard but a silent promise of comfort to your guests. Dressing the bed with freshly pressed white linens adds a touch of luxury and cleanliness that’s universally appreciated. A well-made bed doesn’t just look inviting — it has a psychological impact, subtly reassuring guests that they’re in a well-cared-for space.

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Thoughtful Seating Options

Incorporating a small seating area in each guest room offers a dedicated space for guests to unwind. Multi-functional seating options like sofa beds and futons serve dual purposes, providing comfort without cluttering the room. Sofa beds offer a polished look and can easily convert into an extra bed, making them ideal for guests traveling with children or friends. On the other hand, a futon bed mattress offers a more laid-back vibe and can also unfold into a sleeping surface, offering flexibility in less formal settings.

Practical Bedside Tables

Bedside tables are more than a furniture afterthought; they’re an essential element for guest comfort. Opt for tables with built-in charging outlets or USB ports to provide a convenience that guests will appreciate. The goal is to create a thoughtful space where small, impactful details — like a drawer to store personal items or a stable surface for a bedtime read — make guests feel right at home.

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Invigorate with Plants and Fresh Flowers

A touch of greenery or a vase of fresh flowers can instantly elevate a room, making it more inviting and alive. Stick with easy-to-care-for plants like snake plants or succulents, which are both aesthetically pleasing and low maintenance. Introducing natural elements not only brightens up the space but can also enhance the overall mood, adding a touch of tranquility to your guest house.

Classic and Minimal: Less Is More

When it comes to furnishing a guest house, sticking with classic and minimalist pieces can pay off in the long run. This design approach not only creates a more spacious feeling but also ensures that the decor appeals to a broad range of tastes. A refined and timeless decor style — think neutral colors, clean lines and high-quality materials — adds a sense of sophistication without overwhelming the senses, making your guest house an inviting space for all.

Wrapping It Up: the Key to a Perfectly Decorated Guest House

Decorating a guest house involves a careful blend of aesthetic appeal, functional comfort and an extra touch of hospitality. From choosing the right decor theme to investing in high-quality mattresses, every decision you make impacts your guests’ experience. By keeping spaces uncluttered, offering thoughtful seating options and adding elements like fresh flowers or plants, you can transform your property into an inviting haven. Remember, a well-decorated guest house doesn’t just look good — it feels like a home away from home, setting the stage for memorable experiences for all your guests.

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