February 27, 2024
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The Most Iconic Furniture Designs of All Time

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The right piece of furniture not only is an extension of your sense of aesthetics, but it is a whole lot of things in one small package. It is an embodiment of the imagination, engineering, convenience and materiality. Thus, it is much more than just a piece of décor, it is a form of art.

The 20th century is said to be the golden age of modern furniture when the enhanced financial power coupled with the technological innovations made it possible for the world’s most talented designers to reinvent the furniture pieces in a whole new way.

Here are some of the most iconic furniture designs of all time. Just take a look.

  • Eames Lounge Chair (1956) – This is one of the most iconic pieces of furniture created by the couple Charles and Ray Eames. It is evident that they had a solid understanding what makes a home warm, cosy and comfortable and feel like home. This is just one of their designs but unquestionably it is the most famous one. This piece produces a warm, receptive look that is very hard to ignore which makes it stand out.
  • Bauhaus Nesting Side Tables (1926) – Josef Albers was one artist whose furniture almost represented 3D versions of his work with canvas and paint. His Homage(s) to the Square (which is his 2-dimensional artworks) dealt mainly with geometry and colours. These nesting tables created in 1926-27 added a whole new dimension to those works of his. Solid oak and acrylic glass were used for crafting each table and blue, yellow and red – the three main Bauhaus colours were used for giving shape to this masterpiece. These tables were designated to work interdependently with one another and independently. These are functional and live experimentation of functional embodiment of form and geometry.
  • Wassily Chair (1925-26) – The Model B3 Chair or Wassily Chair was made in 1925-26 by Marcel Breuer when he was at the Bauhaus, in Dessau, Germany working as the head of the cabinet-making workshop. Though the patent designs are expired, Knoll still owns the trademark name rights to the design. Several other manufacturers have reproduced and brought this to the market under different names.
  • E1027 Side Table (1927) – This was created by Eileen Gray in 1927 and is considered to be the perfect table as a result of which the design has been imitated so many times since the production.  Its height can be adjusted and so the table can be used in several situations starting from being used for drinking coffee on the sofa to having breakfast in bed. The name E1027 is not just a name picked randomly.  Here E represents Eileen, 10 stands for the alphabet’s 10th letter which represents the co-designer Jean Badovici, 2 stands for B of Badovici and 7 represents G of Gray.
  • Florence Knoll Sofa (1954) – Florence Knoll’s lounge collection, crafted in 1954 is the right blend of modernity and timelessness. It bears evidence to the fact that its design is derived from her favourite mentor Mies van der Rohe. She scaled down the details and rhythm of the modern architecture while humanising them through the colour and texture. This sofa is still being produced by the designer.
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The above are some of the iconic furniture designs of all time. So the next time when you organise a grand event at your home and go for furniture and chair hire, you can ask if some of these pieces are available. These will definitely enhance your home décor to a great extent.A

Jennifer Saylor has a penchant towards the interior designing domain and has written extensively on various topics like party decors, living room and kitchen as well as bedroom designs to assist the readers in designing their dream homes without a massive investment or effort.

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