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How to Make Your Creative Space More Inspiring

Creative Space More Inspiring

No matter if your creative work is your 9 to 5, a side hustle, or a beloved hobby you use to unwind, one thing is true across the board: when you are making something you care about, your surroundings matter. Getting the details right on your creative space will help you tap into your imaginative powers and energize your output. And getting your space right doesn’t have to be difficult. We got together with Radikal Neon® to bring you these top tips to make your creative space feel brighter, happier, and more inspiring.

Energize with Well-Chosen Lighting

Space More Inspiring
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Nothing adds a zip of energy to your creative environment quite like the perfect lighting. If you don’t get a lot of natural light you’ll definitely want to have multiple light sources to create ambiance. A desk lamp or standing lamp in combination with overhead lighting will ensure that your space remains bright and energetic. For a more personalized option, consider custom neon signs from Radikal Neon®—put your favorite inspiring quote or the name of your business up in lights. You can also choose a design from their collection of fun ptr-designed options to add a dose of personality and a pop of brightness to those walls.

Create a Mood Board

Keep your inspiration at hand with a mood board that reminds you of your goals and dreams—think of it as a real-life Pinterest board that doubles as beautiful decor. Get tactile with a pinboard that allows you to arrange images and materials exactly the way you like them, or make a DIY image board using clothespins and other materials you likely have at home.

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Include Plants for A Pick Me Up

Include Plants for A Pick Me Up
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From ferns to succulents, houseplants are a proven way to make any room feel more homey. In addition to their aesthetic value, plants and greenery are proven mood boosters. Houseplants of all varieties purify toxins in the air and help you feel more relaxed and calm. Destress your creative space or home office with a houseplant or two to help you get in the right headspace to do your best work. If you are interested in a more low-maintenance option, consider adding fresh cut flowers and greenery, which offer similar benefits, but don’t need regular watering.

Get Organized

Messy spaces can be a source of distraction—cut back on clutter and leave more room for ideas and self-expression with organizational systems that allow you to keep your creative space tidy. If you prefer a serene environment, treat your home office the way you would treat your bedroom: decorate and organize it to create a safe space for you to unwind and relax, free of distraction. There’s no need to settle for boring boxes and drawers though, find organizational systems that match your decor and style so you actually feel excited to put things back where they belong.

Layer Textiles

Nothing adds dimension to a creative space like some well-chosen textiles. Add a patterned throw pillow to your desk chair and drape a fringed or pom-pom embellished throw blanket over an armchair or sofa for instant warmth and vibrancy that will make you feel at ease in your creative space. And don’t forget the rugs, especially if you work in an open area of your home. A good rug will help delineate your workspace and section it off from the rest of the house so that it feels like its own distinct, special, and inspiring spot.

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Add Art

Add Art
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Whether your creative work is visual or not, adding art to your space will create visual interest and add color and life to your walls. Buying and hanging pictures doesn’t have to be intimidating, there are a number of wonderful sources for inexpensive art that will help you express your individuality. Consider supporting fellow creatives with a custom painting on Etsy or combine art with light by choosing a fun neon sign from Radikal Neon®.

Consider All Your Senses

While many of our tips for enlivening your creative space are centered on the visual you can also get inspired by engaging your other senses. Scented candles and aromatherapy diffusers are a lovely way to create a sanctuary for yourself and stimulate the mind-body connection that is so crucial for tapping into your imaginative side. Scents like eucalyptus, citrus, and cinnamon are known to be energizing—perfect for days when you need a little pick-me-up.

Regardless of where your creative space is or how big it is, all these tips can help you maximize the creative energy to keep you inspired and focused. Play around with these ideas and find what works for you!

Jennifer Saylor has a penchant towards the interior designing domain and has written extensively on various topics like party decors, living room and kitchen as well as bedroom designs to assist the readers in designing their dream homes without a massive investment or effort.

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