December 11, 2023
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Modern and Vintage Tableware Mashup: Yes It’s Possible!

Modern and Vintage Tableware Mashup: Yes It's Possible!

There are so many different styles of tableware out there that it’s entirely possible to mix up vintage and modern elements to create a brand new and unique them that is all your own and will have your guests gasping with admiration.

Whether you are creating a relaxed atmosphere or a formal dining table, you can use designs inspired from the past, along with modern settings, to be really creative with your table dressing and create a brand new look that everyone will want to recreate.

Here are some trends you can try for yourself which can be created with a modern/vintage mashup.

Art Deco Mashup

Art Deco is a very distinctive vintage look dating back to the 1920s era and elements of it have been used in modern designs as well making it the perfect look to choose for your tableware mashup. Why not try a few genuine vintage items like a stunning art deco teapot, combined with a modern tea set for afternoon tea, for example?

Or you can take the traditional pastel colours and use these in your table cloth and napkins, teamed with modern square plates and contemporary cutlery. Art Deco plates and tableware also look very striking against a black table cloth or black place settings. You can be very creative with colour with this mashup.

Golden tableware

One pro tip from our friends at Such & Such is to go for gold tableware and combine it with some vintage pieces, for example, you could have gold place settings underneath a modern plate set, teamed with vintage gold cutlery, for a very striking and opulent feel.

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Try a plain white table cloth with gold-edged vintage china and modern gold wine glasses or mix up and match any number of different gold and classic items to create a real modern and vintage metallic mashup that will catch your guests by surprise.

A textured tactile table

This is the perfect table for a mashup of styles, as you can incorporate many different textures and pieces to make your table as tactile as possible. Think about china with embossed touchable patterns, tableware with raised designs and napkins and table cloths in touchable patterns like snakeskin.

Modern cutlery with raised patterns can be teamed with vintage ceramic and china sets with raised and embossed patterns or enamel. Just make sure your guests want to pick up and touch everything they can see on the table.

An elegant rustic table

If you want to create an elegant rustic tableware look then vintage items are perfect for this. Think long summer evenings in a country garden. Go for vintage flatware and choose cutlery with a brushed finishing for the perfect look, then combine it with bold summer plates and glassware to add the modern side.

Think picnic blanket style table cloth with heavy silver cutlery and unglazed ceramic finishes, and then add in plastic summer serving bowls to bring the modern and the outside element in to your rustic dining room designs.

French chateau style

The perfect style for combining the modern with the vintage is that of the French chateau where shabby chic and modern glassware go perfectly together. Think about ornate but elegant chinaware combined with modern champagne flutes. Think dried flower arrangements with modern simple silverware and combine pastel colours and shades in the fabrics with traditional china patterns and colours. French chateau is the perfect mashup for opulence and decadence.

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The retro table

Vintage can be anything including the sixties and seventies so why not create a mashup using the garish colours and patterns from the seventies with modern tableware and glassware. Go for a seventies style tablecloth topped with stylish black tableware for a perfect combination.

Or choose plain textiles and seek out a vintage china set with seventies-style plates and serving bowls, combined with ultra-modern glasses. There is no end to the combinations of items which can be used to create a retro table.

The high luxury table

If you really want to impress your friends then try going for a high end mashup with beautifully delicate vintage china, combined with golden flatware and cutlery. You can add the modern touch with a beautiful display of exotic flowers.

Or you can go for vintage crystal glasses with modern black square tableware for an interesting twist on a real luxurious dining experience. Think sparkle and mystery to really bring this table theme to life for your guests and to show off your food.

As you can see there are many ways you can use a vintage and modern tableware mashup to create a beautifully stunning and unique them for your dining room which will impress your friends and create a unique and exclusive atmosphere fit for any type of dining experience or event. Play around with different combinations.

Jennifer Saylor has a penchant towards the interior designing domain and has written extensively on various topics like party decors, living room and kitchen as well as bedroom designs to assist the readers in designing their dream homes without a massive investment or effort.

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