December 11, 2023
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How Your Mattress Affects Your Sleep and Health?

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Many people have an achy back or wake up irritable and tired, but they never think their mattress could be the reason for this. But more often than not, it has something to do with your mattress.

Sleep is one of the three most important components of a healthy life, and the mattress is a surprisingly common reason for a poor sleep.

So without further ado, let’s understand the ways in which your mattress affects your sleep.


Studies have revealed that sleeping on a new mattress may help you reduce your stress levels than compared to sleeping on an old one. And it’s one of the reasons it’s recommended to replace your mattress if it’s older than 8 years.


It’s not uncommon to have a plethora of dust mites living on your mattress, especially if it’s a very old one. Similarly, the fact that as many as about 20 million Americans suffer from dust-related allergies doesn’t come off as a surprise as well for that reason.

And this is something that prompted the Better Sleep Council to recommend cleaning the mattress at regular intervals. However, if you find that even cleaning your mattress frequently enough is not helping much and you’re still having a runny nose or a sore throat every now and then, then you may want to consider replacing your mattress.

Back Pain

It’s easy to go with the temptation of buying an ultra-plush mattress. But it could very well turn out to be one of the worst things you can do for your back.

When you sleep on an ultra-plush mattress, your hips tend to stay at a much further distance from your back than they should, which leads to forming an unnatural curve in your lower back. Over a long period of time, it could lead to serious back pain issues.

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This is the reason it’s believed to be a good idea to test your mattress before buying it, so that you can be sure about both the level of comfort offered and the kind of spine and neck alignment you would get in when sleeping on it.

Long-Lasting Fatigue

If your fatigue hasn’t been going away for a while now – despite sleeping for about 8 hours every day – then your mattress might be the culprit.

An older mattress tends to offer a much lower level of sleep quality than a new one.

Body Aches

If you find your back being hurt and lumps on your mattress, then it may mean that your mattress is hurting your back. It might not seem a big deal now, but over time, it can lead to body aches and a much poorer sleep quality.


If you hear creaking sounds when tossing and turning on your mattress, then it may be due to the fact that the springs of your mattress aren’t functioning as they should.

And again, while this may not seem like much of a problem, it could lead to serious health issues in the long term.

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