February 27, 2024
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How to improve the value of your office property

One way of improving your office property is by reviewing and potentially increasing the rent value. If you are the one renting out some office properties, look at how the market is when a lease expires. Get the latest average rent of the neighborhood your property is in. With the average rent, you can adjust your rate accordingly. Another way of improving the value of the office property would be to incorporate more space to the property. If you own several properties, you can offer a larger property to a trusted tenant with a higher rent. 

Another good way would be to improve office property would be to improve the amenities. First, we will focus on the functionality of the property. Having separate areas for specific uses, like the kitchen or the break room, would increase the value of your office property. For that to happen, amenities should be added, like partitions, sinks, restrooms, and other additional features. If you own a multi-story building, an additional feature you could add is a lift. A lift would significantly increase your property’s value since it would make people’s movements between floors more convenient. You would also be able to cater to people with mobility problems, thus opening your property to more potential tenants. If you already have a lift in your office property building, consider updating your lift, especially if the current lift is already outdated. If you have a cable driven lift, you can change it to a more modern lift, like a pneumatic or hydraulic one. For your building to have a more modern and stylish feel, you may opt to install a glass lift. If your office property is in the United Kingdom and you need lift updating or lift removal services, you can visit S & D Lifts LTD website here for assistance.

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Next, we look at the office property’s aesthetics. It is amazing what cosmetic improvements can do to the value of your property. Updating the look of the lobby or the rooms can really make a difference. If you have a limited budget, you can start by updating the accessories of the rooms where people stay the most at. It could be as simple as rearranging the furniture, adding plants, changing up the paintings, or adding small but bright pieces that would draw people’s eyes. If you have a more extensive budget, consider changing and updating the furniture. This would really transform the room, since furniture takes up the majority of the space. You can also add or remove partitions if you want. These would really increase the value of your property.

Speaking of amenities, you can explore more lucrative ideas to generate more income. You can create conference areas, board rooms, and even spaces that people can rent to set up restaurants and coffee shops. Diversify the types of office properties you have. Having these types of rooms would also draw new people, since there are new amenities they can use. Even current and new tenants would pay more because of the addition of new amenities. These amenities can become one of your main selling points.

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