December 11, 2023
Chicago 12, USA

The Best Mimosa Bar Ever

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What can make your pals happier than a scrumptious home-made brunch? Of course, it is a DIY mimosa bar.

Remember that a little fizz and fun can go a long way no matter what time of the year it is and the tangy juices and the fresh fruits just make it better. Mimosas are must-have in case of brunch, and they help you top stay ahead of your game.

The complete mimosa spread not only offers a Pinterest-worthy show but it also offers a plethora of bubbly drinks to choose from making your party a superhit already. So here are some tips that will help you to create the mimosa bar that both your guests and you will love. Just take a look.

  • Start with the Gaudy Glassware – The perfectly curated mimosa bar starts with the bar cart. You should take into account everything that will be needed in order to make the most delicious concoctions with fresh fruits, juice, glasses and different variety of bubbles.
  • Think Thematically –            If you have gone with a watermelon and pineapple juice for the summertime soiree, your event can be a completely summer-timed affair. You should transport the guests to a backyard oasis and have the birthday bruncher or bride don a flower crown and make her sit in a peacock chair. This is a great way to make anyone feel super-special on their big day.
  • Decorate with Fresh Flowers -There is nothing that few rose petals cannot make better. You can add fresh flowers on and off your buffet table or bar cart which can add a romantic touch to any bar.
  • Using Tassels Can be a Great Idea – The colourful tassel garlands rule over the Pinterest platform. They can dress up the mantle, blank wall or drink cart in a minute.  To enhance the décor, you can use glass jars, chalkboard signs, matching napkins and patterned ramekins. The custom mimosa blend can be further sweetened with the blackberries and strawberries that will sweeten each person’s customised mimosa blend.
  • Determine the Location – You should understand that the location of your mimosa bar is quite important. You should station the bar in a place where you will like the flow of the traffic to end up. But see to it that there is enough space for a line to be formed and there should preferably be a pool near the seating area. If you have opted for a tailgating mimosa bar then you will want to have room away from the food table so that the guests can come in for mimosa and pop out without breaking in a sweat.
  • The Finishing Touch – You can use garnishes to round out the party’s theme. The springtime strawberries add a classically sweetened element to a bridal shower mimosa, a cinnamon stick is great for the apple cider mimosa in the fall and cucumbers are great for the summer mimosa.  You can keep adding the umbrellas, straws or flags to the mimosas as well. For a mad-hatter themed party you can add a “drink-me” tag. Let the guests run wild by displaying the accoutrements in containers near the bar end and let the guests have the time of their lives. For a consistent theme throughout you can match the confetti, streamers or balloons.
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The above are some of the things that you can try for organising a great mimosa bar and rave up your party that will remain etched in the minds of the guests for a very long time.

Jennifer Saylor has a penchant towards the interior designing domain and has written extensively on various topics like party decors, living room and kitchen as well as bedroom designs to assist the readers in designing their dream homes without a massive investment or effort.

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