December 11, 2023
Chicago 12, USA

Make A Wood Pallet Coffee Table – DIY Furniture

Coffee Table

Nothing is more appealing than having a beautiful, rustic pallet coffee table right in the middle of the living room. But often it is quite expensive. But nothing to worry.

In order to save on your pocket, you can use the discarded pallets made of wood for designing a sturdy coffee table of your own without burning hole in the pocket.

With some efforts and intelligence on your part you can easily come up with a table that will enhance your living space to a great extent. So here is a detailed tutorial about how you can make a DIY coffee table of your own. Just read on.

Prior to starting, you should understand you need to work on a level surface that is free of any kind of debris or imperfections.

  1. You should start by sanding down two wooden pallets that you can get from any local store or any company’s distribution centre and a hand sander. Try to find some nice-looking pallets in this case and avoid the withered and worn out ones. Though they would also work, but good quality pallets will last longer and offer a more polished look.
  2. For those using a sand paper, you should keep it in mind that it is going to take a huge amount of time. So you should always try to go for a hand sander.
  3. After sanding you should concentrate on staining the pallets. You can choose the stain of your choice from any local hardware store. You can go through two small cans for both pallets together but purchasing a larger can be more convenient. After painting, you can leave the stain on for five minutes and then wipe off the excess. After that you can leave the pallets in the sun for some hours precisely 8-10 hours for drying.
  4. After the stain has dried completely, you can finish things up with three polyurethane coats. After application you have to wait for about five hours between the coats. Post putting the final coat, you have to wait for drying it for a longer period in order to see that it is really set up.
  5. Lastly, you need to use the large screws and a hand drill for fastening one pallet on top of the other. After the pallets are secured in a single coffee table, you can install 4 inch rolling wheels or casters at the bottom of the coffee table.  While purchasing the casters ensure that at least two of them have locking wheels. This will ensure that you face no problems if you want to keep it at one spot. Though a bit costly but the wheels are a great addition. This way you will be able to roll the coffee table and move it closer or away from your seating area as needed.
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And this is all you need to make a quality coffee table of your choice, It is hard, durable and serves the purpose for you and undoubtedly a much pocket-friendly option than purchasing a new one at a much higher price.

Jennifer Saylor has a penchant towards the interior designing domain and has written extensively on various topics like party decors, living room and kitchen as well as bedroom designs to assist the readers in designing their dream homes without a massive investment or effort.

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