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How can construction management software benefit you?

If you are a small builder or a construction business owner and you want to improve your profits, take back your time, and grow your company while building your reputation as a reliable builder then you should keep reading. We will look at some of the features of construction management software and how it will benefit you in making your business run smoother, more efficient, and more profitable.


There is a multitude of features in good construction management software, like the Buildxact version, and here are some of the ones that might interest you most:

  • Estimates – create accurate quantity takeoffs 80% quicker, use new or historical data
  • Checklists – use checklists to ensure nothing gets overlooked
  • Communication – use the app to SMS and email all the parties involved, keeping all communication together
  • Scheduling and management – no more mix-ups of contractors or equipment coming on a wrong day, and you can ensure that milestones are being met
  • Equipment management – schedule maintenance, track inventory
  • Timesheets – your labourers and contractors can record their hours directly into the app
  • Accounting – integrate your accounting software, create invoices, do payroll, track your budget
  • Mobile – cloud-based construction management software can be accessed anywhere there is an internet service

Now that we have looked at some of the great features of construction management software, let’s explore what the benefits to you and your building business would be.


There are three major benefits to your company:

  • Professionalism – if you want to be taken seriously in the construction industry then you need to look professional, customisable templates make that quick and easy
  • Customer satisfaction – when you finish a project on time and on budget, and you do quality work, your customers are going to be spreading your praise to anyone who listens
  • Reputation – become known as reliable, and reputable, and grow your business

You’ll also find 3 main reasons why construction management software is beneficial to you personally:

  • Time – using construction management software will give you back your spare time through quicker estimate creating and accounting duties, no more running around finding paperwork, contractors, and equipment
  • Stress – you will no longer have to worry about whether things are on track, on budget, or if everyone knows what they are doing

The benefits that you will get from using construction management software far out way any money you think you might save without it. If you are not creating accurate estimates quickly, then you are already losing money. You can contact Buildxact to book a demo, to start a 14-day free trial, or to find out more information. Get your life back with construction management software today.

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