50 Amazing Tree Stump Planter Ideas For The Garden

Amazing Tree Stump Planter Ideas For The Garden 46 Amazing Tree Stump Planter Ideas For The Garden 46

There can be so much more to a garden than just trees, plants, bushes, and flowers. You can also accessorize it with sculptures, statuettes, wind chimes, benches, lamps, bamboo screens, water bodies, picket fences, and so on. There are countless ways in which you can enhance your garden so that there is much more to it than just greenery.

Of these, the idea of using sculptures or installing statues appeals to many people, especially those with large gardens or those who have a taste for objects of art. In fact, artwork in a home’s outdoor also makes a style statement. Often, the homeowner might coordinate the art in the outside of the home with that which is displayed indoors. So, if you have a home with a generous spread of modern art by contemporary painters on the walls, you might want to place an abstract art kind of sculpture in terracotta or stainless steel (which is also a contemporary material) in their garden.

These garden-art pieces generally come in materials like terracotta, treated wood, or wrought-iron, as these can withstand most weather conditions. However, stainless steel and bronze are also used, often with a canopy for protection. This could be a small gazebolike space or a concrete canopy built purely for protecting that sculpture from the harshness of direct exposure to the sun, wind, and rain.

Another option is to use a single tree stump or a series of these. These tree stumps are originally either deadwood found in forests or coffee-tree stumps carefully cut and shaped and then treated for durability and use in homes. A single one can be bought and placed among plants where it serves as a stool. Or else, you can buy several and use them as stools or chairs which could be clustered around another stump which serves as a table because of its shape. They can be placed in a shaded corner of the garden. This becomes a great place to sit and read during the mornings, do some writing, or for that alfresco lunch or dinner, whether with family or close friends.