48 Pretty Options Choosing Bathroom Rug

Pretty Options Choosing Bathroom Rug 12 Pretty Options Choosing Bathroom Rug 12

No one likes to get out of a shower or bath and step onto a cold bathroom tile floor. There is a certain coldness about the bathroom that does not have a bathroom rug on the floor. The bathroom rug is practical but it also makes the room look and feel warm and comfortable.

If the rug is matched to the bathroom décor, i.e. the color of the tile, the towels, and the shower curtain, etc., then it can be the focal point of the bathroom. More practical aspects of the bathroom rug are: the ability of it to absorb water and keep the floor dry of water; and it is easy to maintain and in most cases the fabric is stain proof. Another rug practicality is that it can protect the floor from accidents. It is much less expensive to replace the rug than it would be to replace the floor either partially or completely


The rug can have its appeal. If you choose one that matches your bathroom décor and particularly the accessories such as the shower curtain, towels, and tile color, your bathroom will look completed and will appeal to anyone coming into the room. If you are choosing your rug for appeal, then look for the luxurious deep pile rug.

If you are a person that enjoys crafts, you can make your own bathroom area rugs using strips of old towels in the color of your choice to match the bathroom décor and a crochet hood (size H is recommended). The old towels may no longer be usable as towels but they would certain make a nice soft and absorbent bathroom area rug.

Bathroom area rugs have gained much in popularity over time. They have become popular because of their aesthetic value as well as their practical value. There are many popular styles of bathroom rugs such as the Zambia which is a beige background rug with a checker board pattern. Another popular version is one called “Sinatra Silver.” This bathroom rug has a sequined border of aqua and green and has a silver background. The traditional Greek key in gold is also a popular bathroom rug pattern.