41 Diy Apartment Decorating Ideas Budget

Diy Apartment Decorating Ideas Budget 02 Diy Apartment Decorating Ideas Budget 02

You want to make your apartment as much a reflection of your style and personality as it can be without spending too much money, so have you thought of making cool apartment stuff yourself? Sure you can take on major DIY interior design projects that involve tearing down walls with heavy power tools, but you don’t really have to. There are simple, cheap, or even free home improvement plans you can take up which can be done in a day, an hour, or even in less time than it takes to read this article.

To start you off, here are five easy but very cool things to add to your apartment’s personality. Remember to put on your safety glasses and other safety gear when it comes to handling cutters and other potentially dangerous tools and objects!

Potato chip can light shade – You can also use a milk can or any similar object that you would otherwise throw away, but a cardboard tube such as used for some popular chips brands will be easier to cut. Make sure that the can fits over your bare bulb light fixture, so go for the thicker sized cans, not the narrow tubes. Cut holes in the can, such as random shapes, leaving only about half an inch of material between holes to give the shade some strength.

The point is to have a lot more hole area than solid area, in fact the higher the ratio of hole to solid, the better. Take black spray paint and paint the entire thing inside and out, then cover the entire cylinder outside with a nice-quality tracing paper, just spot gluing it on so it doesn’t wrinkle.

If the hole patterns turn out particularly nice, apply the tracing paper to the inside. Experiment with colored cellophane if you want to get funky. Then attach the entire rig to the ceiling with three or four small tabs of Velcro so you can remove it easily to change the bulb. Also, experiment with a hanging light.