44 Clever Diy Wood Shelves Ideas On A Budget

Clever Diy Wood Shelves Ideas On A Budget 05 Clever Diy Wood Shelves Ideas On A Budget 05

f you’re wondering how to build shelving quickly, easily and cheaply, read on. If you’re a beginner at home DIY, If the very idea of taking 2 pieces of wood, screwing them together and creating something useful may seem just a little like the impossible dream. Trust me, it isn’t.

The first thing you need to do if you want to build shelving that will meet your needs, is to figure out exactly what your needs are. Seems obvious but you’d be surprised how often people skip this crucial step.

Do you need strong shelving for storage? Does it need to be utilitarian or would you prefer a decorative element where the shelves become part of the decor? Do you want to build something that can easily be extended or are you looking to build a shelving solution for a particular niche which is hard to fit with standard shelves?

What material do you want to use? Most people will go for wood or some kind of laminate, but don’t rule out getting glass shelves cut to size, to which you need only add a couple of brackets to finish off an elegant look.

Once you’ve got a good idea of what you’re after, you can start figuring out how to put everything together.

If you’re hesitant about doing everything yourself, go along to your local lumber yard with your design sketched out. They can help you work out how much wood you need, and can cut all the pieces to size for you. They will also have advice about which hardware is best for your project.

The key thing is not to be afraid of giving it a go. Take a spare piece of wood and a few screws and start practicing. Once you can get that straight, you can easily put four pieces of wood together and build a shelving cube. And another, and another.