48 Elegant Diy Wooden Platform Bed Design Ideas

Elegant Diy Wooden Platform Bed Design Ideas 42 Elegant Diy Wooden Platform Bed Design Ideas 42

Asian societies are noted for their crowded conditions. Homes and apartments are not large and therefore space becomes a significant consideration when purchasing furniture. Cost plus space economy resulted in the platform bed. At some point, the Western World took note of the endearing characteristics of this piece of furniture. It takes little space and affords the opportunity to incorporate storage within the bed.

The bed consists of a platform support system that has adjustable legs. The support system provides a stable base for a mattress. Headboards and footboards are available but not required. The bed’s height is set according to the selection of under bed storage. The number of drawers can vary from one to as high as twelve drawers. The most common is two to three. Another under-bed option is the trundle bed which supplies that additional sleeping space when needed.

There are many designs and sizes: King Bed, Queen Bed, Full Bed, Twin Beds and Studio Beds. Aside from aesthetics, choices are made based on size and under bed storage. The larger the bed the more space is available for under-bed storage. You will be amazed at the number of choices. Each one, depending upon its configuration, will have different measurements (footprint).

So, the first thing is the size of the room where the selected bed will go. Be sure to take into consideration the placement of the windows. You also might want to locate and chart where the room heating elements are. If possible, a bed should not be placed next to or over a heating element for obvious reasons