51 Elegant Galery Wall Decorating Ideas For Bedroom

Elegant Galery Wall Decorating Ideas For Bedroom 10 Elegant Galery Wall Decorating Ideas For Bedroom 10

You truly see masterpieces at this double-storied furniture and home decor showroom. Decked up with bright and inviting hoardings, with a fountain in its open area, engraved walls and a beautiful gallery that gives you a picturesque view of lush greenery outside, Master Pieces – Galerie De Designe, is a store that has actually been set up in a house.

That said, we would also add that this has worked out quite well. Simply because the furniture and furnishings displayed over there give you the look and feel of how they would look in your home. So it is like visualizing your bedroom in different designs, right in front of you.

The store has had a history of a decade with its inception being in Mumbai. Inseeyah L Ezzuddin, who is said to be a gold medalist in Interior Designing, is the woman behind this store. It expanded its base to Hyderabad, very recently.

In the main hall at this showroom in Hyderabad, you can see the gorgeous ‘Vermont Bed Set’ on display. Embellished with meena work and embroidery on velvet, this set is sure to take your breath away. However, whether it is functional or not is for you to decide as even the manager said that it is merely for display and not for actual use.