55 Relaxing Lake House Living Room Decoration Ideas

Relaxing Lake House Living Room Decoration Ideas 52 Relaxing Lake House Living Room Decoration Ideas 52

Here in the Lake District and Cumbria our major buildings are different in character to those in many other parts of the country. Many started out as small castles, built here in the buffer region between more populous parts of England and marauding medieval Scots.

Some were simple fortified towers, now built into private farmhouses scattered throughout the east of the county, and others have been developed over the ages into grand stone edifices. There are even holiday cottages in the lake district which you can stay in which are part of these Stately Homes.

Many of the Lake District and Cumbria’s important houses are smaller in scale than those found elsewhere. We do have our massive monuments to elegance, but you can also visit several examples of more modest properties. This is quite a different experience from the ‘walk-along-the-special-carpet’, ‘don’t-lean-over-the rope’ type of property, as it’s often not difficult to imagine yourself transported back in time, living there quietly.

Unlike much of the country, many of our stately homes and castles are still under private or charitable ownership, rather than the National Trust or English Heritage. This has its advantages, as often the personal effects of past owners remain on display, and the interiors aren’t honed to unrealistic perfection.

Our grandest properties are Muncaster Castle on the west coast and Levens Hall, Holker Hall and Sizergh Castle, all in the south of the county.