54 Romantic Coastal Bedroom Decoration Ideas

Romantic Coastal Bedroom Decoration Ideas 49 Romantic Coastal Bedroom Decoration Ideas 49

The style of bedding you choose says a lot about your decorating style and your personality. Coastal bedding is a popular bedding style that provides a unique decorating statement to your home. Decorative sheets and covers are a popular decorating accent. The covers on the beds in your home usually provide color and a decorating theme to your bedrooms.

Coastal bedding provides the bedrooms of your home with a theme that is reminiscent of life at the shore. Regardless of where you live this theme will help you brighten up a room and provide an ambience that conjures up images of being on the beach. Beach themed bedding can accent your coastal decor and freshen up any room.

The colors and patterns of coastal bedding are reminiscent of life at the beach. The color scheme of coastal decor tends to be blues, whites grey and little splashes of reds. These colors are soothing and relaxing.

Nautical quilts and throws offer a way to get a little warmth without the use of a heavy blanket. These are perfect for sitting out on the porch and watching the waves crash against the beach. If you do not live on the coast then they will provide you with the feeling that you do.

There are many different themes within the coastal decorating theme. Each of these themes provides a unique statement to any bedroom. One of the more popular categories within the coastal theme is the Nantucket theme. This theme is reminiscent of the popular beach resort off the coast of Massachusetts. Nantucket decorating accents often feature shades of light blue with sailing motifs.