58 Creative Diy Cinder Block Furniture Decor Ideas

Creative Diy Cinder Block Furniture Decor Ideas 45 Creative Diy Cinder Block Furniture Decor Ideas 45

The typical homes of the Filipinos are made of wood, with the house’s roof peaked while the more modern ones are already concrete, stucco and cinder block. Most of these Filipino homes are relatively small that is why whenever they are decorated, there are some specific strategies that must be followed so that the space will still be saved and the place will not feel cramped but will seem like a much larger room.

Just like any of us, the Filipinos also love collecting memorabilia, knickknacks and other decorative items all throughout the years. Then, they want these items to be displayed, especially those one which are framed so they can hung them on their walls, which, if not properly done, can give the house a cluttered look.

You can still put those framed pictures and keep your walls bare if they are just sparsely displayed. Lesser wall pictures will give some sense of space, particularly to those houses that are only small. When you hang the pictures, they should be at the level of the eyes so that people will not be comfortable looking at them.

If your house is small and your rooms are also, do not buy that furniture that are too tall or large for the room’s size will just be dwarfed. Furniture of smaller scale must be chosen. Similar to the Americans, the Filipinos also prefer buying the furniture in the living room as a whole set. However, it can be more distinctive and functional at the same time if the furniture pieces will be individually bought.