41 Amazing Rustic Farmhouse Mudroom Bench Design Ideas

Amazing Rustic Farmhouse Mudroom Bench Design Ideas 19 Amazing Rustic Farmhouse Mudroom Bench Design Ideas 19

Mission furniture is a beautifully versatile style of woodwork that can fit just as well in a loft apartment in the heart of the city as it does in a rambling country farmhouse. These furnishings are characterized by straight lines and sleek designs that can be found in a wide range of woods and finishes. The pieces were all handcrafted at the beginning, but now you can find mass produced mission furniture at a reasonable price that still offers the classic beauty of generations past.

This lovely style can be found in furnishings for any room of your home, from coordinated bedroom sets to inviting dining room pieces. Some of the most popular items in the mission style include tables of all shapes and sizes and benches that can grace your entryway or the foot of your bed.

Chairs were some of the original mission furnishings, with ladder backs and a rush seat. Some pieces will include additional storage like shelves or drawers that make them a practical choice for busy homes today. Because you can find mission furniture in a variety of woods and finishes, you can incorporate the style into sleek, modern décor, rustic comfort or the hometown country look.

Mission furniture, also known as arts and crafts furniture, began in the latter part of the nineteenth century, when Joseph McHugh coined the phrase to describe a popular design of furnishings he was manufacturing at that time. The style was prevalent in both the United States and Britain, and has continued to be a popular choice for many homes today. While many of the pieces are now mass produced, you can still find handcrafted pieces that are devoted to the artistic craft of days gone by. However, handmade items will generally come with a much higher price tag and a higher standard of quality.