36 Stunning Valentine Tree Decoration Ideas

Stunning Valentine Tree Decoration Ideas 24 Stunning Valentine Tree Decoration Ideas 24

Valentine’s Day or Saint Valentine’s Day is celebrated each year on the February 14. One of the most popular stories about Saint Valentine that links him to the modern day tradition is that he performed marriage rites for soldiers in Roman times who were forbidden to marry by law. The day was first properly associated with romantic love in the Middle Ages in the circle of Geoffrey Chaucer when the tradition of courtly love flourished.

It soon evolved into an occasion where people celebrated their love for one another by giving tokens and cards. The most popular token today is flowers, particularly the red rose. However, there are many plants and flowers traditionally associated with love and devotion that can be sent to a loved one on this day that have just as strong a connection with love but are something out of the ordinary.

You might like to consider giving an almond tree as a token of love. The connection between the almond tree and true love goes back to Saint Valentine himself. Legend has it that Saint Valentine was arrested and sentenced to death for administering marriage rites to Roman soldiers who were forbidden to marry. Before his execution he performed a miracle by healing the blind daughter of his gaoler. After his death the daughter planted a pink-blossomed almond tree on his grave and the tree then came to symbolise true love and friendship.

Consider giving Dicentra or Bleeding Heart as a Valentine gift. This perennial plant has lovely heart-shaped dark pink flowers. There is no more romantic flower than a rose. If a rose bush is the gift you choose, make sure it is one with an appropriately romantic name. Choose roses like the deep pink Rosa ‘Lovely Lady’ or the pretty pink double flowered rose ‘You’re Beautiful’. If red is the must-have colour, try the climbing rose ‘Love Knot’.