37 Vintage Valentine Decoration Ideas You Should Try

Vintage Valentine Decoration Ideas You Should Try 28 Vintage Valentine Decoration Ideas You Should Try 28

When you think of February, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Snow? Leap Year? Groundhogs Day? The Super Bowl? If you are like us and many fellow romantics it is Valentine’s Day of course!

February 14th, the time school children begin looking for the perfect box of cards and decorating a box that will hold all their Valentine’s that a special someone or friend has secretly exchanged with them. For many it is a time to contemplate that perfect gift or card for our special loved ones. Candy? A card? Flowers? Maybe… Jewelry!?!

We can learn a lot from looking back at history. Written Valentine’s had been around since the 1400’s, but it wasn’t until the 1800’s Victorian era when we began to see the popularity of decorating our love letters really take off! As technology advanced so did the creative and unique quality of the Valentine. This is considered “The Golden Age of Valentines”. It was common to see people proclaiming their love by adding silk ribbon, lace, feathers, some had moving parts, pop-up features and paper honeycomb décor.

Collecting Victorian or Vintage Valentines can be a fun walk down memory lane but it can also be very profitable.