41 Trending Creative DIY Winter Room Decoration Ideas

Trending Creative DIY Winter Room Decoration Ideas 39 Trending Creative DIY Winter Room Decoration Ideas 39

Just like fashion, design is always changing and adapting its style. Although it is not as ruthless as fashion, objects and certain tastes are focused on every now and then, depending on the zeitgeist. Retro and vintage objects, reminiscent of past generations still remain popular but have fused with rustic charms and sustainable ideology. Re-using and deconstructing objects to present them in a different perspective has been focused a lot lately.

Although wood has always been a go-to material for interior design, the rustic and natural feeling of interiors has meant the wood trend revival has become popular as ever. Polished, painted wooden floors and sturdy furniture has always been a standard choice for homes. The message of reducing our consumption has meant a lot of people are realising that wood may not be such a sustainable resource but because of its durability it is still in hot demand. Solution? Recycling.

Wooden crates, which were once dumped and given away for free have become popular for storage and shelving. Wooden ladders have also become trendy for shelving ideas, as are wooden tripod lamps. Despite having an industrial feeling, having the tripod constructed with natural materials means it can adapt to most rooms well.

For decorative pieces and classic ornamentation, decorative glasses and vases which are sold at cheap prices from second-hand stores are perfect at the moment. Fresh or dried flowers and characteristic twigs in whiskey, medicine or beautiful wine bottles, will also help to enhance a room.

Sticking to the topic of flora and fauna, pot plants are also something to consider for interiors as they always add life to a room (literally). They are great especially during winter months, as I feel a leafy green pot plant or two can really make a difference in cheering up a room which has dull, grey light flooding in.